Collecting… dust?

Okay, it’s not all about the food! But… it sort of is!

A while ago, my mom decided it would be nice if I collected something- anything! So, for some reason, I started collecting salt-&-pepper shakers and pitchers (like the drink kind, not the baseball kind ;-)). I have some pretty cool ones, some old ones from passed-on grandparents, and just fun ones and I’d like to share some with ya!

yes, the one on the bottom right are a Statue of Liberty pair… and the black one is missing her arm! My dogs like to come in and “play” with them sometimes, or knock them off with their tails!

 <- they have magnetic lips-I love these!

 <- and some pitchers!

I don’t think I’ve actually used my S&P shakers, but I have used a few pitchers for parties or gatherings. Of course, that lemon one has had lemonade, but I’ve certainly had to dust them off before using. They just sit on my shelves in my room. Is this weird? Maybe, but they can be fun and attractive, so don’t hate!

What do you collect?! And, why?



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2 responses to “Collecting… dust?

  1. Such a fun collection!! I collect teapots, snow globes, key chains, antique dress-forms… they’re all passions/interesting things for me to collect :0)

  2. What a cute post!
    Hmm…I’ve been fascinated by wheat-back pennies since I was 8, and I have a ton of them now! And while my mom would argue that I collect books (I have a whole library all to myself!), I also have a knack for “collecting” shoes, purses, clothes, and hats! (I have 3 closets! Yikes!)

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