Hot Penguins & Funnies

This weekend I had a little trip. I went to South FL on Friday and Saturday with my mom. When we got there, we went to Deerfield Beach for just over an hour. The sand is different from here- darker, and way-way-hot! We actually went swimming in the Atlantic Ocean and got pummeled by the waves, but had a blast!

After checking into the hotel and cleaning up, we went to Loehmann’s, which we don’t have around here, so I have been looking forward to this! It’s the kind of place that has a little of everything and you have to dig and be patient to find something for you! I got a new bathing suit! Can I tell you it was on sale?! HAHA, surprising, right?! But, to be fair, all the swimwear was 25% off. That’s all I got. My tummy started acting up so we went to Walgreens and got some fruity Rolaids! It was my 1st experience of them working! YAY!

We had a good time and I met up with some people Saturday and my mom got to relax and do whatever she pleased! It was a long drive home and my butt was sore from sitting so long! It’s funny how doing… nothing… gets you so tired!

Today I wore my new suit! It is the brand, Penguin. I’ve seen it before but have never owned anything by them because usually the “penguin” is everywhere on the print, but I’ve got to share what he looks like! In the sun, he turned really hot because he’s metal! (Do you like the way I’m calling it a “he?!”)


It’s sort of a charcoal color, with a lime-greenish outline. These are the bottoms, by the way! The top is just triangle with the same outline and metal penguins at the end of the neck-tie! Ouch to the metal, but cute!

As I laid out by the pool today, I read the Sunday paper. It’s the only day of the week I do, because I like to look at all the ads! I save the best for last, and of course it’s the Target ad! The only comic strip I follow regularly is called Get Fuzzy. I love the little animals. One is so sweet and innocent (Satchel) and the other is so cynical and mean (Fuzzy). I don’t really know what kind of animals they are… a cat and dog? rat? haha, not sure.


Have a great week, everyone 🙂



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2 responses to “Hot Penguins & Funnies

  1. Ah, Penguin…I love that brand!! That suit will last you a long time, but if you’re like me, you have to have more than one!! 🙂

  2. Romina

    I love buying my swimwear on sale, hehe. I can’t justify paying $100 for something that is barely made of any material!

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