She works hard for the money!

(Bah-dum! Bah-dum!)

Tomorrow morning I start my first day of work! I’ve been looking for a job pretty much all summer, have applied and followed up with numerous places, with no immediate openings. However, just yesterday morning, I dropped off my application at my Co-Op, went for a bike ride, and I came back to have a missed call on my phone, asking for an interview that day! So, I went in, interviewed, and they pretty much gave me a job then, but had to call today to make it official. So, yes, it is official! I’ve worked in a Co-Op before, in Portland, but was a deli clerk. I want to get out of that role, so I didn’t “check” that on my interested departments. Right now, they only have a cashier position available, but there is a very good possibility I will be trained in other departments, too, like produce, bulk, grocery, body care… cool! I love that atmosphere, because the people that shop there, well, 1st they’re so hippie! And 2nd, they go there, a “health-food store,” specifically for a reason: because they are concerned about this Earth we live on, like supporting locals, care about their health, and all that… so day 1 of that is tomorrow! Orientation, then real work! Plus, the discounts aren’t a bad perk, either! You know me and my sales!

Saturday, though, I have even more money coming my way… After working at the Co-Op and getting off at 5:30 (or so?!), I have to feed these dogs I’m watching, go to a 7:00 babysitting gig, then back to the dog’s house (not the doghouse!) to house-sit for the night, get up, feed the dogs and take them out again… they live on the water, so maybe I can lay out there before they get home on Sunday! I better be appreciative now, because I’ve been without so much to do for a long time, with very little extra money to get me by!

Today my oldest sister and I went to get Indian food for lunch! It was my first time having this cuisine, and something I’ve wanted to try for a while. I loved it! It was spicy and I got to taste a bunch of different dishes I can’t describe or pronounce! I’ll be back! Our family went out and got breakfast for dinner tonight, at Cracker Barrel! We played checkers on the “front porch” as we waited for our table and looked at the old-fashioned goodies in the “general store” afterward!

Okay, I’m off to get some extra fuel for tomorrow with my last (boo!) Amy’s apple cinnamon toaster pop and some soymilk. I love soymilk and those toaster pops are yummy and make the house smell like the holidays! I need to find some pants in my closet that are suitable for work (just black or tan!). I’ve just requested for my family NOT to come to the store tomorrow, especially if they plan to use my discount. Have a good night 🙂

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  1. Ahh, so exciting!! Best of luck with your new job, and with your busy day :0)

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