*Boom!* *Bang!* *Ooh, Ahh!*

Catchin’ up…

Guess what came in the mail, ya’ll?! Veganomicon!!!! Yes, I’ve read it, and re-read it again and again. I love it. I’m so pumped to cook from it! This week I’m working mostly nights, but I’m dog-sitting down by the beach again this week, so I’m going to cook on my days off (Wed. + Thurs.) and invite my parents over to enjoy the scenery and food! Aren’t I sweet?! Ha!

My Independance Day was nice. I went for a bike ride in the A.M, had lunch in the car to go thrifting, then my parents, sister and I went to an early Rays baseball game and spontaneously kept driving afterward to see some fireworks. We got there just in time for them to go off and we just stood and watched, then got ice cream and went home. Very nice, except my dogs were spooked! Poor things…

Here’s a quick, late lunch: The last of my cranberry + stuffing Tofurkey slices, hummus, chipotle mustard, cabbage, tomato and cucumber on honey wheat bread… and Honest Tea. I loved this flavor!

Annnnd, here is a picture of our view of the fireworks… how Florida is this?!

Which fireworks are your favorites? I love how they are kind of weeping-willows and silently, beautifully come in and drift out! Here’s us… who’s that creepy guy in the background?!

Oh, it’s just my dad. Ha! Look how hot and lovely we all look…

Anyway, I deposited 2 nice little (little? hmm…) checks in the bank yesterday. Yeah, cha-ching! I’m working 2 full days today and tomorrow, then relaxing time. I’m planning to go on some bike rides and cook on my time off. Perhaps I’ll make some bootleg Lara Bars, too!


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5 responses to “*Boom!* *Bang!* *Ooh, Ahh!*

  1. Hooray for Veganomicon!!! Haha, I too read that cookbook over and over again :0)

    Such fun 4th of July photographs!!

    Good luck at work!!

  2. yay! the book finally arrived! Looking forward to what you bake out of there.

    I’ve never had tofurkey. Your sandwich looks soo good that I might just try it next time. Chipotle mustard sounds good too!

    I love pomegranate juice!

  3. clairedille

    I just got my Veganomicon, I cannot wait for you to tell us about some of your fave recipes! What a coincidence I just got an Honest T but I am trying the citrus green tea. I have a feeling yours was better but this one is pretty light and not too sweet. Looks like you and your fam had fun @ the fireworks, I like the ones that get silent too!

  4. annaalstondonnelly

    Hey lady- love your blog! I am adding you to my blog roll, and can’t wait to read more!
    -Little Black Dress

  5. glidingcalm

    That sammy looks yummy! I’ve never tried Tofurky!

    And cute pictures! It looks/sounds like you have a super chill fam!!

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