I’m going to add a list of my favorite products/websites so look-out! Wait- so how do I do this?!

Also, I’ve got an addition to my wardrobe. This is so unlike me, as I’m pretty frugal with my money, but I needed to get something else at the store, as I returned a gift without the tags, or else the money would vanish! No store credit or money back! So, I roamed the store and saw these babies. I have no idea what I’m going to wear with them, or when/where I’ll wear them, but now I have some incentive to get something else for myself. Oh, darn! But I rarely buy for myself, and have been thinking about them since I saw them. So, let me introduce you to my size 8’s

Now you’re acquainted!



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8 responses to “Additions!

  1. These shoes are tooooooo cute! I love the color of them too… Now I want to go shoe shopping 😉

  2. iameatingtolive

    oooh those are great shoes! I think they’ll go with a lot of outfits 🙂

  3. Thanks! Eatingtolive- do you have a blog, too?!

  4. iameatingtolive

    hey! yeah I do, I thought wordpress would automatically link my blog since I’m signed in but I guess not, haha. The URL is: 😀

  5. Hi. Cute shoes.

    I just found your blog and love that you love orange soda!

    I just started my own blog and added you to my blogroll. Come check it out!


  6. glidingcalm

    I’m frugal with money too… I rarely spend my money on anything besides food, gas, skating, and other necessities. It’s probably a little over the top as I sometimes get weird looks when I pass up outings to movies or shopping, just because I’m trying to save a little moolah.

    Anywhooo, I can’t see the pic of your heels…it isn’t downloading?! So I can’t comment on them…but I bet they are cute? :/

    Have a great night Orange Pippity Pop! That was a little gangster DJ flavor for ya!

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