More V’con Variations!

I merged 2 recipes from V’con to make 1 very nice one! I wanted to use some more of the chipotle peppers I had from the last recipe I used since I have a lot of heat left from those babies. But the “Everyday Vegetable-Chipotle Tamales” sounded like too much work and I don’t have the steamer basket it requires! Soo, I used the Everyday Vegetable-Chipotle filling recipe and turned them into enchiladas and used the recipe for the Enchilada Chile Sauce in the recipe for “Potato and Kale Enchiladas with Roasted Chile Sauce.” I used sundried-tomato wraps. Here was the finished product:


Totally vegan, but I put sour cream and cheese on the table for my family. Also, no Mexican-themed dinner is complete without tortilla chips, so I had those out, too! I wish I had taken a picture of the innards, but let me tell you it was pretty and delicious!

Tucker wanted some of my sister’s… but there was none left for him! And he would have cried from the spice! Sorry, boy!

My mom was giving Jasper a little taste, but he was distracted by the bright light of my camera and his eyes look spooky!


On another note, I just finished a book and am onto reading My Sister’s Keeper, by Jodi Picoult. I am only about 60-70 pages in, but I really like it and am excited to read it before I see the movie (With Cameron Diaz and “Little Miss Sunshine”)! Is that the best way to do it: read, then watch?! I think so, or I’ll never finish the book, because I know how it ends already!!!

Okay… another day of thrifting and hanging out! I go to my aunt’s to dog-sit tonight, so I’ll be checkin’ up on all your beautiful blogs there, most likely! Thanks to all those who have added me to their blogroll! Have a wonderful hump-day!


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6 responses to “More V’con Variations!

  1. That merged-recipe dish is brilliant!! Looks positively delicious.

    Aww, Jasper :0)

    Sounds like you have a fun Wednesday planned – enjoy! :0)

  2. clairedille

    mmm I love mexican! It’s great you are loving v’con

    and I am jealous you are thrifting today!

  3. That looks so good and tasty! I love V’con myself!! And in my humble opinion, a week isn’t complete without a bit of mexican food…

  4. iameatingtolive

    that meal looks delicious! I’m hearing all these great things about that vegan cookbook.

    ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ is being made into a movie? cool! and with Abigail Breslin – wow it seems like she’s in everything these days! hehe

    have fun dog-sitting 🙂

  5. Just found your blog – love it. I love to have people test recipes for me before I buy a cookbook so thanks! Everything looks great and I will buy vcon now! Where are you in Florida? I am in Ocala.

  6. Very cool that you merged 2 recipes. Love the creativity!

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