A Rant Among Raves

I had some great days off from work, but I was back at the ol’ job yesterday. Right as I settled into my register, I had managers coming up to me, giving me slack about the color of my pants having to be darker! I’ve been wearing them, no problem, and I see other workers wearing the same kind, so I told them. This particular person had someone else come back and report to me that I should maybe dye them darker and how to do it, because the company has an image to up-hold! Excuse me, no. I have plenty of other “work pants” and don’t want to dye some “weekend pants” for it. I’m pretty surprised! This is a health/natural-foods store and it seems like it’d be a hippie place to work, right?! What kind of “image” does it want- corporate?! I have to take out my nose ring, and (if I had any) cover my tattoos. I understand we’re representing the business, but more than half of our customers dress/represent themselves pretty boldly! *sigh* I want to keep my job, so I’ll comply. It’s pretty cool, getting to know some of the people and we try to have a good time!

Yesterday, I brought in some homemade “Laras.” I should call them something else, but I don’t know what. I made 2 of 2 flavors: cinnamon and banana. There’s a girl who is raw and LOVES the apple pie, so that may be one to make, but I gave her one of each flavor and she LOVED them! Ah, I’m so happy! I gave my other 2 to 2 different people and they liked them, too, but said they were kind of “mushy,” so I’ll have to work on the right consistency. “Raw girl” said I should talk to the “bar” guy at the store and try to sell them! ha! I just need some fancy-schmancy packaging… so I’ll be thinking of new flavors! I think part of the key is adding a grain (oats, for example) to it, because I’d made one for myself one day, and added Cheerio’s to the mix! Here it is: I call it my “Breakfast Bar” because it’s everything a breakfast could want: dates, almonds, Cheerio’s, cinnamon, and the secret ingredient, Hazelnut coffee!

Work today. In not-my-same-pants-as-yesterday! At least I’m depositing my check today!


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7 responses to “A Rant Among Raves

  1. The breakfast bar looks great! And I love the hazelnut coffee as the secret ingredient 🙂

  2. The color of your pants was an issue with your boss?? Hmm… ah well. Good luck, and stay strong at that job!!

    Love your breakfast bar creation!!

  3. Aly

    Argh, my work forgot to issue a pay check. So I get double in two weeks, but I need it NOW. Argh. At least I don’t get grief about my pants, though! Your breakfast bar looks scrumptious, great job.

  4. iameatingtolive

    Aw that’s weird about the dress code rules at your job! Whenever I go into health food store places the workers are almost always dressed hippie-ish, sometimes I think to the extreme! Haha.

    Hang in there! That bar looks delicious 🙂


  5. Aly

    Hi! Despite this comment being from “aly”, it’s actually Maureen. Long story. Anyway, did you buy fresh or dried udon? My fave way to eat fresh udon is in a stir fry with a creative melange of veggies and your favourite stir fry sauce. But first I sautee some tofu (or cook some TVP chunks) and toss those in as well. Enjoy!

  6. hmm that is so silly for a food store! i once worked at a very very high end restaurant that made me wear black but i just cannot believe these people had such an issue about your pants.

    but the raw bar looks so tasty and i love hazelnut and coffee so i bet it is extra good!

  7. glidingcalm

    your homemade Laras are sooo cool!!

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