Spice up your life!

Yes, another old song, by the Spice Girls (anyone, anyone?!)… yeah, I see you dancing through that computer!

So, I came home from work to see my darling dogs, and look who I find looking so proud of what he made me:

Jasper!!! More work, for after-work! Cleanup, on aisle home! Now, Tucker gets really nervous when he thinks he might get into trouble, so he hides behind the couch, but not Jasper… “Look what I did for you- welcome home!” Thanks buddy! He’s too cute to get mad, though. I mean, really, he thought he was doing me something nice. Well, actually, I really don’t know how he got those little pieces of fabric. I think my grandma brought them over in a bag (for a reason I do not know!) and he sort of went all creative with them.

Oh, and some grub: vanilla soy yogurt with mango, apple, and half of a soon-to-be-too-ripe banana, with almonds and cinnamon. Guess who got the other half of the banana?! I usually don’t like bananas, but I’m the only one at home and we have 3 of them just sitting there, getting more bruises by the second, so I figured why not?! I loved all the different tastes and textures. This made it very satisfying!
soy yogurt + fruit + nuts

There are 2 things that you can never have enough of: cinnamon and garlic!


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10 responses to “Spice up your life!

  1. Confession: I used to LOVE that song by the Spice Girls (obviously I was only 8 years old then, so it’s okay to admit that, haha).

    Aww, Jasper :0)

    “There are 2 things that you can never have enough of: cinnamon and garlic” YOU SAID IT, GIRL!!! WHOO HOO!!! :0D

  2. lol. Yes, but my favorite Spice Girls song is STOP! It gets my blood pumpin’!

  3. oh no haha… poor dog, he’s too cute i couldn’t even yell at him for making a mess 🙂

    LOL about the spice girls haha

  4. glidingcalm

    I can’t lie… I’m a huge Spice Girl fan. I adored them. We had choreographed dances down to a T at summer camp when I was younger. Plus the platform flip flops.

    Mannnnnnnn. Bring it back

  5. Aly

    Vivaaaa forevveeerrr…. why yes, I did grow up in the 90s!
    Mmm, what a yummy dish. I’ll definitely bookmark it as a good breakfast idea!

  6. Umm.. I actually still have the TAPED (and yes, we’re talking VHS here) episode of David Letterman when the Spice Girls performed Stop live. I went all out back then.. notebooks, pencil cases, every single CD, posters, pillow case (yeah, that was a little extreme..)

    Cuuuute dog btw!

    And btw #2, this is sperly from RW! Don’t know if you remember me =]

  7. good times.

    my bullmastiff can mess things UP in the blink of an eye.


    but I still adore him…

  8. Two examples of how much I once loved the spice girls:
    I was a spice girl for halloween (ginger-no idea why, i should have been posh) AND I own the movie they made where they were traveling on that awesome tour bus.

    Jasper is adorable…I definitely couldn’t get mad either!

  9. Oh and I saw someone post about RW…I am on those forums (or used to be) too!

  10. Your dog reminds me of my cat (Fatness) they’re both trouble makers, but still so cute.

    Sorry it’s taken a while for me to get to your comment. As you know I’ve been stressed. Glad that’s over. The mock meat that I had for dinner was soy based “duck”

    Have a great Thursday!!

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