Mug Shot!

My mom’s a teacher. For elementary kids. So, for every holiday or event, she gets gifts: cards, candy, gift certificates if she’s been a good girl, and mugs. You know, dollar-store trinkets. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a frugal gal and love a good deal, and it’s cute that these kids are so proud to be giving my sweet mother a gift, for whatever occasion! But my mom is funny about it, too. As she comes home from school carrying bags with what might look like some pretty good stuff, she starts re-unwrapping them for me to see. Her famous line, when she gets those trinkets she has no use for, is, “Just give me the dollar!” and then she puts it aside like she’s going to give it away. Now she’s on summer vacation, but as I was rummaging through the kitchen looking for a mug this morning, I’ve noticed that I have quite an array of options! She keeps those mugs. Every-stinkin-one! I’ve tried to throw some out, but I find them the next day in the dishwasher because she finds and rescues them!
mug 1

(^ yes, that’s a Jasper hair)
mug 2

not just mugs… jars, other cups and coffee to-go cups, too
mug 3

Happy Christmas in August!

Sister 2 is almost as bad. She goes to thrift stores and collects them that way. She has some pretty cool ones, as well as random, funny and huge ones. She feels sophisticated with some, and calls certain ones her “writer’s cup,” like the one with the tan-brown-blue, below. You know, like those old men writers in old movies, or something. She calls the blue one, below, her “camping mug.” Like she ever really goes camping! No. Actually, the one with the harp on it is from Ireland, from my parent’s trip, so I’ll give her that one.  My favorite mug (I don’t know why, but I have favorite utensils, mugs, bowls, etc.) is the one below, with the fish. It’s from a restaurant down here, called Shells, but I don’t know when/why we got it! And I painted the “beachy” one.

This is not even it. There are more in the dishwasher, in my sister’s rooms, and probably in other random places in the house.

My mom goes out with a bunch of her teacher-friends from school. They steal dishes, napkins, plates, cups, etc. and somehow they wind up on our front porch or hidden in her classroom, or something. They think it’s funny because my mom is not the kind of person that would ever do that, so they make fun of her for “stealing!”

Anyway, there you have it… a small collection from my kitchen, to your computer!


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8 responses to “Mug Shot!

  1. whoaaa thats a ton! I have maybe 6?…


  3. I thought mug collecting was what only weirdos (–> me) did. I guess I’m totally wrong. haha. My mug collection is no where as interesting as of the ones you just posted.

  4. runroamrecycle

    Holy smokes! My mom’s a teacher too.. and I’ve seen some pretty interesting things come home. BUT, also some really great things.. things I’ve found myself thinking “I want that!”

    But Sloane! I want to know – how did your blood tests come back? And your Celiac panel? I’m super curious because I just had the Celiac panel drawn up myself on Monday.. and I’m still waiting to hear back with results.

  5. Wow, that’s a lot of mugs! I like all of them!

  6. glidingcalm

    HAHA! oh my goodness! at first I just thought it was the first picture…and then I was like JEEZ! That’s a ton of mugs! Tell her she can send some to me! My collection is boring and limited!

  7. Leigh

    oh my gawwwwd, i’m so jealous of those mugs.

    to answer your question, though i’m honored that my identity has remained so incognito but unless otherwise stated all my posts are by ME, Leigh. Unless one of my friends hacks into this because they love blogging so much. Doubtful.

    ps i hope you’re all over the gymnastics that’s on. right. now.

  8. Too cute! I love mugs!

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