Tree-huggin’ Christmas gift

Last night, I went home to find a package from my friend Bama filled with goodies like Clif and Kashi bars, Sport beans, a funny Christmas card and Chris Carmichael’s book Food for Fitness to “Eat Right to Train Right” because I’d love to run more and even compete again, but want to make sure I have my bases covered, as far as good sport nutrition! THANKS BAMA- you’re GRRRR-REAT!

Last night I felt like baking. With all these awesome bloggers making cookies and other yummy treats this time of year, even though I’m getting sweets, I still want to contribute. i thought about something original. Then, I thought something homemade and totally OrangePop-ish would be the best! Soooo, I came out with 2 varieties of…


While The Santa Claus was on TV, I just sort of looked up recipes, and then played around and made my own anyway. My 1st attempt I tried a variation of “Almond Joy” except later I realized I should have added cocoa powder for the chocolate part…oh, well!

granola 1

granola 2

The 2nd one, I added more dried fruit and nuts and… wow, even more of a winner!

granola 3

I put them in granola tubs tubs.

I know there’s a niftier idea than plastic baggies to give them in (I still want to make more varieties, but I was getting sleepy!) **Any suggestions??** They’re very much welcomed!

Would you believe that they contain no oil? It’s true. I may post the recipe I used, if they’re hits, or if I get an influx of requests.

…until then, THERE’S ONLY A FEW MORE SHOPPING DAYS LEFT ‘TIL CHRISTMAS! EVERYONE BE HAPPY AND LOVING 😀 and especially, show it if you feel it!


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5 responses to “Tree-huggin’ Christmas gift

  1. Great package from Bama!! And wowza, I’m lovin’ that granola!!


  2. I love homemade granola. It is truly the best you can get! 🙂 I always make the honey-coconut type version. Love it!

  3. sammyss

    Whoa I’m outta the loop, you have a couple posts in! That is a really nice gift idea, very original too. Hmm instead of baggies, what about mason jars with a ribbon or something? They’re re-usable too, very tree-huggin 🙂 And yay for packages, and The Santa Clause!

  4. i was just going to say what sammyss said about the mason jars w/ a ribbon – i think that would be such a nice touch 🙂

  5. yesss i would love your recipes! the almond joy granola sounds delicious!

    there is nothing better than homemade granola, that is such a wonderful gift to give. if you want to leave them in their cute containers, you could do it ina garten style and tie a pretty thick, silk red (or any holiday themed) ribbon into a bow and add a personalized gift tag.

    thanks for visiting my blog! you are far too kind! and i just added your lovely blog to my blogroll 🙂

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