Beginning to look a lot like…

the Holidays (to not be religiously-biased) 

…even though the high will be 80 degrees on Christmas morning…

So, for my homemade gifts, I’ve decided against giving out the “Almond Joy” granola because I tasted it and it tasted… burnt. No one wants that, no matter how bad they were this year!!! I woke up yesterday morning on a mission: better granola, & something else homemade. What, may you ask? How very trendy of me to make biscotti!!! I looked up some recipes from V’con and other cookbooks and sort of varied it to my liking. I came out with my own, OrangePop variation! It’s fabulous, if I do say so myself! Healthy + Vegan + Delicious = a winning combination! 

For my 1st trick, I present…. GRANOLA:


^ this was the best, yet! I added nuts and dried fruit but I added the sliced almonds during the last 5 or so minutes because that’s where I got, um, *burned* last batch! Good move, me!

I packaged them like this, afterall:

dsc04023 with a little tag with the ingredients, added later. I used mostly organic ingredients from my health-food store (aka work) so people will know they’re adding wholesome goodness to their innards! 

I also made a ginger-sunflower seed version that was great, too!!!

I shall post these recipes, okay?!

For my next trick, I reveal… BISCOTTI:



and I packaged them all differently, like this:

dsc04022 I gave one to my uncle and he didn’t want to choose one because he didn’t want me to waste the “gourmet wrap job” on lil’-ol’-him! HA, it’s wax paper… and ribbon

* I will post the recipe, because it was original when it was finished, and not exactly from any book or recipe I looked up! *

Anywho, amongst all the baking and the house smelling ab-so-lutely divine, I also baked up a cake because my grandparents came over for dinner to see the house all decorated purrty for the holidays. It was a suuuper-easy recipe my mom had, so I whipped it up real quick. It was a lemon bundt cake with a cinnamon-sugar swirl. Here’s it in the making:


…and the final product:


^ Do you see what I see? A lil’ bit of me, OP looming in the background?!

mmMmmMmm… orange soda

One of these days I’m going to post a photo of the BEST part of our Christmas decorations. I’ll reveal that later. But now, here was our dining atmosphere last night:




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7 responses to “Beginning to look a lot like…

  1. sammyss

    Your biscotti turned out beautifully! I made it once and it was a disaster. Such a cute idea to wrap them in wax paper. And that cake looks de-licious. It would be so fun to work at a health food store. Happy Holidays 🙂


    Enjoy the warm weather – it’s 8°F here.

  3. This blog is porn for my mouth.

    SB I didn’t know you had a blog, but now I have a new one to stalk/steal meal ideas. 🙂

    Hope you have a wonderful and warm “holiday.”

  4. Lovin’ the new blog layout–def. worth ravin’ about!! 🙂

    Girl, come bake for me!! (And it totes sucks that we Floridians have to deal with 80-degree weather on freakin’ Christmas!) 😦

  5. your baking looks sooo good!!! send some of that granola over here, will ya? it’s making me hungry!!!

    Love your pretty xmas tree too!!!


  6. all of your treats looks delicious! you are such a talented baker! and i think the wrapping turned out so cute and festive!

    i am wishing you a very happy christmas! eat, drink, and be merry!!! 🙂

    p.s i also love the new blog layout!

  7. sparklingstar

    Haha….”who loves orange soda? Kel loves orange soda!” Ok, please tell me you used to watch Kenan & Kel otherwise that comment will make no sense what so ever lol
    Just found your blog (this is twinklingstar from RW) & am gonna add u to my blogroll…hope thats ok! Looks like u got some sweet eats goin on here girl 😉
    Au Revoir!

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