A bit of food + a Request!

Hi, ya’ll! Happy weekend, to you!

Like I predicted last night, I made some dinner, watched TV (TLCWhat Not to Wear: Hoochie special!), finished signing up for classes & hit the hay! I’m going to yoga this morning with my sister (or… HOT YOGA, I should say!), then maybe the beach afterward because it looks like it’s going to be a b-e-a-uuuutiful day (oh, I just watched the movie Bruce Almighty last night, too).

Here’s what I made: there was some leftover whole wheat penne pasta in the fridge & I combined that (maybe 1.5 cups?) with veggies (Brussels sprouts, broccoli, carrots, tomato), edamame (for protein), some garlic powder, pepper, red pepper flakes, nutritional yeast (aka “nooch”– for some cheesiness) in the microwave… when it came out, I added some flax oil to let the spices stick (because heating flax oil takes away the benefits of it!).


I always RAVE about my one-pot meals, because they’re soo easy to just put everything together & enjoy different flavors in one dish!


Blurry a bit? I have the same camera that Kath just got rid of (Sony Cyber-Shot)… which means, if you haven’t read her blog recently, that it’s kind of a foggy picture… it does what it needs to do, though: brings you photos & pieces of my life!


  • Does anyone want to do an exchange/mailing give-away?! I’ll offer some of my favorite bars, snacks, & a random trinket for any type of package… I’m not too picky. Give me a worn pair of socks, books, more for my collections, (*ahem-flavored PB-ahem*) soap, postcard, or whatever you desire & you’ll see it here on the blog!
  • Chia Goodness cereal?
  • BettyLou’s balls?
  • ??? requests ???
  • VeggieGirl: I have some gluten-free Bob’s Red Mill all-purpose flour, if you want it! I won’t use it, now that I know I’m not gluten-intolerant


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8 responses to “A bit of food + a Request!

  1. That’d be fun!! Email me 🙂

  2. me too! i wanna do a giveaway!

  3. mmmmmmmm that definitely looks like an amazing one dish meal ~ they are my fave too!

  4. great one-pot meal! 🙂 jealous, much.

  5. i am loving the combination of hot yoga and your cold pasta salad! yum 🙂 i agree one pot meals are the best!

    p.s as for cheese substitutes – i have a few. i really like tofutti slices for grilled sandwiches (american and mozzarella) because they melt perfectly and i like the tang. i also like rice shreds for quesadillas, tacos, etc. i’ve found that i love lisanatti almond and soy cheese (in the blocks) because they melt really well and i really like the flavor. garlic herb is my favorite! but they are not vegan, due to lactose (silly!)

  6. what kind of trade do you wanna do!?

  7. oh yum looking pasta i love edamames!
    Bruce Almighty is too funny- Jim Carrey bah hah!

  8. ill do a trade 🙂 i’m a new blogger so it would be a first for me!

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