Veggi-licious, Definition, Makes OP go Crazy!

anyone? Well, VeggieGirl might know what I mean, because the other day, I went home and on my bed, there was an object not there before:

dsc04312 < fra-geel-ie… Must be Italian!

dsc04311 hmmm…

dsc04313 BUBBLE WRAP!

Nah, just kidding! Really:


dsc04318 < og. Chocolate Macadamia & og. Chocolate Cherry Almond Hazelnut nut butters




 og. Orange Almond & og. Cherry Almond nut butters:





I, of course, had to try them! I intended on trying just one last night… but once I tried one, I opened them all to try!


half CCAH (left) & some OA (left)

I tried them all, but this is a small taste. Very small in comparison to what I had, spread on graham crackers! I was surprised that I liked the cherry & chocolatey ones best, because I’m not a choco-holic… &, of course, I thought the orange would be my fave. It’s great, but they all are!

This mornin’ I put the orange almond butter into play & switched it up with some oat bran! I also added smilk, cinnamon, Agave & a lil’ box of raisins!


I liked the switch of the oat bran instead of rolled oats- kind of like Cream of Wheat or almost grit-like, or something… but good & warm! I have a bulk-bin bag (*say that 3 times fast!*) of it, so I’ll keep using it!

Oh, and this Booger was thirsty for some joe:

dsc04330 dsc04329

Any plans for the weekend?!

One of my friends is having a birthday party on Saturday & it’s Beatles-themed! I have to work tonight & tomorrow nights, but plan on going afterward!!! Whatever it is, appreciate your time doing it!

And, I hope all you chilly winter-ers are staying safe & warm!


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11 responses to “Veggi-licious, Definition, Makes OP go Crazy!

  1. HA!!! The bubble wrap comment made me laugh out loud – you rock, girl 😀

    Enjoy the nut-butters in good health; and have fun this weekend!!!!!!!!!!

  2. those nut butters look delish. 🙂
    …imagine the possibilities!!!

    haha just kidding. enjoy those sb!

  4. sammyss

    Hahaha is “fra-geel-ie… Must be Italian!” maybe quoting A Christmas Story?? All those nut butters sound deeeeelicious 🙂

  5. WHOA nice nut butter stash. The chocolate varieties are calling meeee. Actually, they’re all calling me. Over and over… I’m going to dream about them tonight, I swear.

    Have fun at your Beatles themed party, that’s hilarious. Almost makes me want to host a ridiculous themed party right about now. People don’t seem to do that often enough!

  6. awesome nut butters! im so jealous, those are some amazing flavors!!

  7. I’m drooling!
    Those nut-butters look delectable.

  8. Hey! Never mind the nut butters…that cat is too cute! Haha, way to go on the new butters to try. So sweet of Veggie Girl 😀
    Take Care x

  9. Meg

    What amazing nut butters! That was so nice of Veggiegirl!

  10. Haha, love the quote from A Christmas Story!

    Those nut butters look delish! Glad you liked them!

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