I think I’m clear!

A few days ago, I picked up some things from the store, new to me: 


^ cherry-pomegranate Fruit & Grain bagels, sunflower seed butter, & multi-grain hot cereal


^ Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness juice (2-for-$2.79!), vanilla Chai tea (after seeing it frequently appearing on Miss Gliding Calm’s blog), some stir-fry veggies… & Orange Pop? Plus, a couple of bars!

So, I thought I was all good, buying sunflower seed butter, even before the recall! 

SSB < crunchy with full sunflower seeds!

Then yesterday I busted out one of my new PB Cookie Luna bars at school the other day, & tossed the wrapper, without a thought. Later, when I started feeling icky, I thought about it. Yesterday, I went to the store in which I bought it to check if the same box might be there with the date on it. Well, if it’s from the same box, it’s “Best By” September ’09, which makes it safe. 

Thank you for all your concerns!

The bagel, by the way, is great!!! The ingredient list is short, & though they’re smaller than a lot of bagels out there, the flavor is excellent!

bagel < great with  VeggieGirl’s flavored nut-butters!

Some other eats lately:


^ veggie egg-scramble (check out that bubble!)


^ sweet potato fries with Agave, ginger & cinnamon, plus a mini-squash thrown in there!


^ seasoned tempeh, my fries + broccoli. I’m not a huge ketchup gal, but I tried it with my fries & really liked it that way! I pretty much ate this with my hands… like “tempeh-nuggets?”

It’s weird, I’m feeling head-heavy & stuffed-up, with a sore throat today. I’ve got no school today, just work later, so I’m planning to relax, drink some tea (weird I don’t even want coffee today!) & maybe take a trip to Target. Maybe.

Everyone stay warm & happy! Have a super-duper weekend! Have any fun plans on the agenda?! I hope so!

P.S. There’s a dog whimpering on the Today show & my pups are going crazy!


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9 responses to “I think I’m clear!

  1. Love all your eats!! And I’m so glad that you’re loving the nut-butters that I sent you, with those scrumptious-looking bagels 😀

    Ahh feel better soon, girl!! I’m worried!!

  2. omg those sweet potato fries!! yummy combo of ingredients! 🙂

  3. vanilla chai is the bomb dizzle!!!!!! hey lady, do you think you could change my name to my blog name on that link? I’m trying to keep my identity private from the blog! thanks so much!!!

  4. yum those bagels sounds fantastic! and even better with futters 🙂

    i love your dinner of sweet potato fries and tempeh nuggets (so cute!) how did you prepare the tempeh?

    p.s haha my doggy always barks at the tv when he hears loud noise!

  5. thank god you feel better!! jeezy you had me worrying about you.

    i had no clue that quaker makes a multi-grain cereal- is this NEW?? and i’ve also bought the vanilla chai before. it is very good.

  6. seeleelive

    bagels are soooo good. never *EVER* to be taken out of a girl’s diet!!!

    do u still feel sick from the pb?

  7. chocolatecoveredvegan

    Sweet potato fries! Yay!

  8. Sunbutter!! You MUST try my recipe for Sunbutter cookies!! 🙂

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