Heads, Witches & Health

…that’s what this post is about. Do they relate to one another today? I’ll let you decide!

OW!!! …my aching head!

Today is Day #3 of no coffee & my head hurts! I thought I was all groovy this morning, grabbing alternatives for a morning jolt (tea, Kombucha, water). After classes & settling in after lunch, my head was pounding on it’s doors (or, my temples)! I think I am to blame for it. Though I still had some black Vanilla Chai tea this morning, it still doesn’t measure up to the mug-after-mug homage I’ve given to the caffeine gods

I’ve been watching plenty of this, though, in my afternoons:


Recognize it?! Sabrina the Teenage Witch (…right after Sister, Sister)

I’ve also been in the habit of drinking Crystal Light (we always have 2 different flavors in the fridge for the fam, one permanently being peach tea). Yesterday I caved & had some when I was dying of something flavorful to drink, but today. No! I will not! I think it’s contributing to a dissatisfaction with satisfactory meals (extra, mindless hunger?). READ: I AM NOT depriving myself, but feel like I know how much my body needs & what it likes & something is funny here… Also, sleeplessness, headaches, poor skin tone, & on… I am hoping to eliminate these problems!!! I also find myself drinking these things, instead of pure water, juice, smoothies, soymilk, & other more nutritious beverages. Not good.

*Has anyone else experienced withdrawals or the process of cutting out caffeine (mostly coffee) & artificial sweeteners? Any effects? Any helpful tips? 

I boast a pretty wholesome, natural diet & would love to keep going further with this & these boogers are standing in my way!

In the meantime, I did schedule an appointment with a nutritionist for Monday afternoon. We’ve been playing phone-tag & I finally got ahold of her today after class. I was kind of hoping for an ASAP meeting because I just like things to happen like that, but Monday will do just fine! One of my friends, who eats incredibly delicious, whole foods, recommended her to me, as (he thinks) we have a similar outlook on food. Enjoy real, whole food!

NO- not this kind of Whole Foods:


And, I even find this to be kind of funny (think: why is all this freshness packaaged?!)


Mainly, I want to see if I’m getting everything I need. Being an active, young vegetarian, I realize there are things I may be over-looking. Also, (sorry, boys) I haven’t had that lovely “girly-thing” (as my dad calls it) in quite some time & I am concerned! I am especially concerned that my family practitioner is not concerned! SO- gaining a bit more weight & adding certain things to my diet may be an answer, which I will happily agree. This may have worried me in the past, but I’m ready. I’m growing up. Becoming womanly. Let’s do ‘dis!

*Has anyone had experience with this? (the weight-gain and/or amenorrhea) & what has helped the most?!

By the way, I finished my book: The Last Lecture & loved it! It was Tuesdays with Morrieish, so very inspirational & real… like you want to know him & reflect upon your life! Love that feeling! *Time to journal!

Thanks! Here’s wishing everyone healthy heads, bodies & souls; happiness, & good-witchery too!


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17 responses to “Heads, Witches & Health

  1. Wish I could help with the “womanly thing” but no can do!

    I gave up artificial sweeteners awhile back. I drink my coffee black, or with some stevia. I actually keep a few stevia packs in my backpack for when I drink coffee on campus (yes, I am that insane). Splenda gave me the runs, so I won’t go back. I could never give up caffeine though; I’m addicted!

  2. Ugh, those caffeine withdrawal headaches are the worst! I once just crawled into bed with tears in my eyes, and my husband finally brought me some chocolate to ease the pain. I was giving up Coke Zeros – I think it was the caffeine/artificial sweetener combo that made it so bad. I get headaches when I give up coffee (which I do every so often), but never like that. AWFUL.

    I experienced amenorrhea after losing too much weight 8 years ago, and my doctors never seem that concerned either. I’ve never been regular since, and I’m thinking of trying acupuncture as I’ve talked to several girls who have success with that. I hope you find something that works for you. 🙂

  3. I’ve had experience with amenorrhea–shoot me an e-mail if you want to talk about it!

  4. those caffeine withdrawls are veryyy hard! but i have tried cutting down drastically, and am trying to eventually cut it out completely. I’ve been drinking decaf tea with no additions, and i’ve been feeling much better, it just takes time. Maybe don’t try adn go cold turkey, but gradually lessen the amount of times you get your caffeine

  5. aw! I feel your pain! I have tried to quit coffee NUMEROUS amounts of time, but to no avail. I finally decided to just cut back my consumption and up my intake of tea instead. That has worked well for me. Sometimes I’d prefer milky tea over coffee. It just takes time for the withdrawals to go away. I found that after my third day, the headaches were gone. My advice is to take it slow. Just like the transition to anything new, slow is the key to long term stability. Good Luck!

  6. Katy

    I’ve had experience with amenorrhea (for 2 years) after losing too much weight. Even after getting up to a healthy weight, I could not get my “girly-thing” back. After four sessions of acupuncture I got it back and have been regular ever since. Adding healthy fats (almond butter, avocados, tahini, etc.) to each meal helped me gain weight.

  7. losing the girly-thing can be a little nerve wracking! i guess it would depend on how old you are, how long you’ve had it, and how normal it was to begin with… but gaining a couple of pounds might help! good luck!!

    RE: coffee withdrawls… I went from drinking 8 (yes!!!!!! 8!!!!) cups of coffee a day to 0! I was like a heroin addict going thru withdrawls.. i had to call in sick to work one day because i was throwing up so bad. who would think that would happen??? chills, headaches, grumpiness, tiredness… i felt like i was near death. but after a week it was like a cloud lifted and i was MUCH better.
    my suggestion is to replace every cup of regular coffee with half regular and half decaf. slowly increase the amount of decaf in the coffee until its almost ALL decaf. it might take a bit longer but you may not need to be hospitalized.. ; )

  8. aww, good luck with the coffee situation! luckily, i haven’t gotten myself in the habit of having more than 2 cups a day, but with school starting again and having to deal with early mornings, the number might start to increase! i love it too much! i’d recommend trying to ween yourself off by adding decaf to your regular coffee, and slowly decreasing the amount of regular coffee you consume until it becomes all decaf. my mom did that, and it seemed to work for her!

  9. love the post! 🙂

    i think i can speak out on the cutting of artificial sweeteners. (can’t with the whole caffeine thing, i love my starbuck’s way too much!)

    the main difficulty with removing something from your diet that you’ve been incredibly dependent on is just giving your body (AND mind!) time to adjust to the differences. as much as we don’t like to admit it- we all have our ups and downs with the idea of change as life becomes routine in many ways.

    just keep reminding yourself what a GREAT thing you are doing for your body and health! it only gets easier from here!

  10. PS.

    YES. eating fro-yo, only one thing came to mind…

    you thinkin’ what i’m thinkin’???


  11. anonymous

    Hi there,
    I just wanted to say that I am perhaps an even more extreme case of someone who cut out artificial sweeteners from a VERY heavy addiction. I used to use many packets of splenda [4 in my tea, on my cereal, etc.] and 3+ cans of diet pop. I too was trying to gain weight, but having come from a history of being deprived, even on a high calorie diet I wanted to eat lots of calories rather than-duh-just use sugar. PLUS I’d so adapted to the stronger taste of artificial sweetenters that sugar/honey didn’t do the trick.
    Anyhow, I tried weaning off and all, but the addiction couldn’t be broken and tastes reset until I actually cut it out. At first it was awful, everything tasted nasty and whatnot. But after a long time of perseverence I actually acquired a taste for things plain, and eventually found by just DOING it [eliminating the fear I’d be left hungry] that adding extra sugar and honey wasn’t so bad! Oh yeah, the freakiest thing was that it actually wound up having the opposite effect on my appetite–I craved food a lot less/got hungrier less without the fake stuff. It was very obvious too, not in my head–I’d neve even heard that theory. AND my digestion improved immensely. Gas, bloating, constant need to use the restroom, and so forth. It’s so worth it–and if you can challenge yourself to some real sugar types of substitutes and eliminate that fear through exposure, you get 2-for-1: better health and life without irrational fears.

  12. anonymous

    p.s. I was reading the other comments and fwiw I consider Stevia an artificial sweetener also–at least it had the same effects on my in terms of appetite and stomach issues. Plus it’s another “calorie free” alternative that feeds that mental addiction/trap.

  13. Your doctor isn’t concerned? Hmmm, I’d say find a new doctor! Losing your period is your body’s way of telling you that all is not ok. And it’s very bad for your bones… but you sound like you’re motivated to be proactive and take steps to get it back, so that’s great :o).

  14. Hey girl, I think that these are good things to talk about at your dietetic appointment. Unfortunately there are no easy answers but with the right advice & determination you’ll get there 🙂 Just keep at the good work x

  15. hey! just found your page.

    Caffeine addiction is hard to kick. I did it about a year ago and have never felt better. I have more energy and am never tired! (surprisingly)

    To get rid of those flavored drinks I usually take seltzer and squeeze lemons, oranges, limes, all at the same time into it. It makes it really fruity and it def is chemical free.

    The caffeine is just hard… i found the first week to be unbearable, but after that its totally fine. Keep persisting and youll find yourself feeling great in no time!!!

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