Thai/Coconut/Green Curry

These are the things I want in my dinner. Any faboo recipes?! Spicy, maybe?!

(THAI food with Coconut Milk & Green Curry Paste)


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5 responses to “Thai/Coconut/Green Curry

  1. So funny…I had a thai soba noodle dish last night and kind of played around with two recipes. We used light coconut milk, red curry paste, and peanut butter as the main sauce ingredients. The additions were snow peas, sobas, tofu, scallions, and red pepper. It was fab! Here are two similar examples:

  2. I have bad memories of eating a thai green tofu curry so don’t think I’m much use here 😦

  3. luckytastebuds

    you have such interesting and good looking recipes I feel like I’m learning so much by just finding this site! Thanks so much!

  4. How about my recipes? Just start blogging, but there are some Thai authentic recipes with some nice photos 😉

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