Temptation with Foodstuff

I’ve been busy in the kitchen! Check it out, yo:

pancakes pancakes with topping

^ Vegan Coconut-Pineapple-(Blueberry) ww Pancakes from Vegan with a Vengeance. This was so great! It’s been so long since I’ve had pancakes. I made them Friday morning, when I have no school or real reason to be up early, so it started a leisurely day off well! I did not make the “Pineapple Sauce” they suggested, but mixed up canned pineapple (with a bit of juice), blueberries, coconut, a bit of smilk & plain yogurt & agave. Just enough “moisture” for these beaut’s! I will make this again. I burnt one side of one, so I shared part of that with Jas-i-per & Tuck-i-fer! They didn’t complain!

coffee temptation < I randomly went to Whole Foods (grr, competition for independent stores like mine! But I wanted to check it out & compare) & was greeted by this temptation. I passed by it, backed up, took a deep whiff, snapped a picture, & moved on again. Go Me! Is this 4 weeks, holding strong with no coffee? Even at dinner parties we serve coffee afterward & I have to make it. And free coffee at work. Well, free tea too, so I’m set! Yazoo! I feel real good with my decision & don’t feel deprived of it, though Sunday I was draggin’… I lovez me some teaz!

oats in orange < Why didn’t I use this orange bowl & spoon sooner?! It’s purr-fect, along with my Breast Cancer mug. In this bowl is oat bran, a banana, almond butter, cinnamon, walnuts & smilk!

So, I went grocery shopping (not at WF) & here are some things I got that are new to me. The other stuff, I hid already!

new groc bible bread

^ 3-bean salad, Artichoke-Lemon Pepper “Hommus”, Annie’s Tuscany Italian Dressing, og. Tamari Pumpkin Seeds, Dairy-Free Mac’n’Chreese (haha- anyone try this?) & also Garden of Eatin’ “Bible Bread”- traditional pita pockets with a great, short ingredient list: Organically grown whole wheat flour, water, organically grown sesame seeds, yeast and sea salt. I’ll take it! I love the hummus & dressing, too- new flavors for me!

parfait dsc04614

^ Breakfast Parfait, in an effort to switch it up from oats. Then I deconstructed it because it became difficult to get more than one ingredient in a bite… with Mr. Bigelow tea. In it was: plain yogurt, blueberries, chopped apple, cinnamon & Sunflower-Pumpkin Seed granola

wheatberries I made a wheatberry salad, inspired by these hoots! I don’t know the real recipe, so I just added chopped celery, apple, walnuts, wheat berries (duh!), plain yogurt & the thing that brought out the ingredients= apple cider vinegar, with some salad seasoning herbs on top! YUM!

Another cooking-success?! From 101 Cookbooks. All her recipes & photos are amazing & this dish, the Orange Pan-glazed Tempeh was no exception. I served it with spinach & wheatberries (because I made a TON when I made them!) & a salad with dressing & sliced almonds:

close tempeh meal orange tempeh & wheat berries 

Guess who liked it, too?


Welp, I hope that those of you with exams & other important things on your “to-do” lists are doing MORE THAN okay!!!

I’m still working on getting a new header & theme & such… I’m workin on it, but if you could send me some help & ideas, I’d love an e-mail at smbvb10@hotmail.com. If you know-someone-who-knows-someone, too, I’d so appreciate it. Should I make a contest? How do people catch on & how can I make that worthy?!

THANKS, Lovely Ones!


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12 responses to “Temptation with Foodstuff

  1. MAAAAAAJOR food porn!! Love it 🙂

    I’d make the header a mixture of your favorite foods, your gorgeous dogs, etc.

  2. Matt

    SB! You’ve been busy and eating well! I’m craving some major pancakes right now; I think I’ll make some tonight!

    Mara made my header if your interested!

  3. if you want, i can design your header. i am a graphic designer and love doing that stuff 🙂 just give me your ideas and thoughts on what you’d like and i can come up with something !

  4. spunkystuff

    wow you are quite the chef! It all looks so yummy too. That dairy free mac-n-cheese is exciting! i wish i had some 🙂

    p.s. i’m sorry if my rambly email scared you off–I know I can be overwhelming 😦

  5. Lovely pancakes and love your oat bran bowl. Score with those pita pockets. I have to find me some – that ingredient list is so simple.

    Zesty Cook designed my blog header – he is the best! http://www.zestycook.com. I also really like Mara’s designs. http://www.imadedinner.net. Can’t go wrong with either.

    Have a good week. 1 month and no coffee? That is awesome! Wheat berry salad…yum!

  6. Love your new finds! Oh so yummmy!

  7. Those pancakes look amazing! You reminded me how much I enjoy them 🙂

    And can you believe I’ve been a vegetarian for 8 years and still haven’t tried Tempeh?!

  8. Ooh! So many new foodie finds. Can’t wait to hear what you think of all of them!

  9. Mara of http://imadedinner.wordpress.com made mine! you could ask her about headers!!

    omg wheatberry salad and tempeh! could u make me drool more?!

    P.S. THANKS FOR BEING LIKE ONE OF THE BEST BLOGGING FRIENDS LIKE EVER. seriously are making me CHEESE so big reading your comments. I love you orange pop. you are the bestest. P.s. are we not facebook friends?! dub tee eff?!

  10. Gosh I can’t believe I’ve never been to your blog!! It really is SO awesome. I love the food that you create! It has so much creativity and looks SO GOOD. I’ll be comin’ back soon for more inspiration. (I HEART brown pancakes, parfait’s, and grocery shopping!!!)

  11. wat lovely food!!! and such a cute pup!

    im new to your blog… ill def be back 🙂

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