Morning Love (& a chocolate-y giveaway!)

GOOD MORNING, from the 3 of us: Orange Pop, Jasper & Tucker on the bottom!

3 of us

They’re givin’ me some lovin‘! aww… Jasper wanted more face-time, so he stuck around, & I feel obligated to show you my morning-face because he’s worth it:

me & jas (courtest of PhotoBooth!) 

I had some “3-grain” cereal this morning: oat bran, oatmeal & wheat berries, with an apple, cinnamon, walnuts & smilk. It had great texture:

3-grain Kath puts wheatberries in her morning cereal, & since I still have a plethora of these chewy babies, I thought I’d use ’em. I have yet to incorporate a “blended-puddin’-style” of my grains, a-la Katie , but SPEAKING OF this chocolate-covered gal, she is having a CHOCOLATE GIVEAWAY!!! Go to her new Wordpress blog-site & check it out to get a WHOLE FREAKIN’ CASE of Larabar’s Jocalat bars! The Larabar company is teaming up with her to help fund this giveaway- how awesome is that?

Something else I’ve consumed lately?

gin & kom

a new-to-me (empty) flavor of Kombucha, Multi-Green & some Peanut-Ginger chews! If you like peanuts (*ahem, PB-lova’s!*) & you love ginger, you miiight just like these! More peanutty than other ginger chews I’ve tried, but still, yummm!

THANK YOU to everyone in their feedback with the header/blog! I haven’t contacted anyone because I’m sort of wondering if I should change the style of the blog. And since I have become “Orange Pop” I need to stick with that. I think I’ll add more features, such as “Story-time” about my job, “Tea-time” with something snazzy about that, maybe something with dogs & of course, FOOD-stuff!

gtp tea < My sample  from Yogi teas

This weekend, I’m not sure what I’m up to, other than the usual work tomorrow night. Today, it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside, so I’m thinking I’ll go to the library to get some books for my school paper, then head to the beach?! Oh yes, I’m soo lucky! Have a wonderful weekend. What are you all up to?

Also, I’m wondering about OILS. Which have what benefits, which fats, what’s best to cook with, & not to cook with. Now I’ve been using canola to bake, olive to pan-fry, sautee & marinate, & flaxseed for dressings, dips & cold-toppers mixed in yogurt & such too. Any suggestions or ideas or websites with info about these things? I’m looking into walnut, avocado, almond & others… 


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12 responses to “Morning Love (& a chocolate-y giveaway!)

  1. Aww lovely photo of you and Jasper!! 🙂

  2. I love the puppy photos! Molly and Henry (my babies) say hi to Jasper.

    And thanks so much for the shout-out!! You’re definitely entered in the contest.

    Um, I am soooo super-jealous you live near a beach!!!

  3. Awh, such cute pictures, and love the eats!!!

  4. oooh your doggie is SO cute..and dang, how does one look so refreshed in the morning?!?! must be those oats!!! (haha I love that you call skim milk “smilk!”)

    Oooh you like ginger and tea??? You’d be in love with all the treats you can make out of them if you came to Hong Kong!

  5. Matt

    Aww cute picture SB! I’m not so sure about the oils though! The only oil I really use is olive oil! Are we still doing our trade? I am heading to Whole Foods tomorrow so let me know ASAP!

  6. hk

    love it, OP, love it 🙂

  7. cute dogs!
    those all sound like great oils…I think you know your stuff already! Sesame oil is another good oil…but it is pretty strong and distinctive!

  8. happy saturday gorgeous! ah i love the pictures of you and your doggies!

    love the kombucha flavor! and i love the sound of peanut-ginger chews! where did you find these little treats?

    regarding the oils – i like grape seed oil for certain proteins [tempeh, tofu, etc] in place of olive oil because the nutrition is great. but for more flavor i love walnut oil. it is best raw [in cold salads, pasta, etc] because its very nutty and rich! and the polyunsaturated fats are fantastic.

    have a super saturday! ❤ you

    p.s thank you for the b-day wishes! 🙂

  9. Peanut ginger chews – I must find those, and you know I love Katie’s blended bowls. Your breakfast combo looked delish!

    My favorite oils are olive for cooking, almond for baking, and sometimes I add coconut oil to smoothies or use it in homemade nut butters. It also makes a good sub. for butter in recipes.

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