Hollerin’ Back ya’ll!

Hi, sugar-boogers! I have missed you. Since you’ve I’ve been gone (Kelly Clarkson?), I have been trying to comment on your blogs of interest- sorry if I’ve been so terribly unfriendly & distant. I want to feel the love again. I feel it for you; can we share it?! I also had my Spring Break & just laid-low. I went to the beach to get my tan on (& keep the blonde-ness up!), hung out with some friends, started running more, did some quality yoga (7 more classes on my magical pass!) & only worked for 2 of the days. I didn’t blog. So, I must have done something!

On this perhaps lucky day of St. Pat’s, I found a dollarHOLLER!


I also got a free sample in the mail- anyone can request one & you can send them to other people’s addresses, too, to “Feel the Good!” Guess which one I tried first?!

emergen-c emergen-c

It was an Emergen-C!!!

*ATTENTION: will the REAL ORANGE POP please stand up?!

 orange seltzer

^ There’s my substitute for the “pop-ness” that made me Orange in the 1st place! Deliciously carbonated & chemical-free!

Other meals? Here’s a sweet potato gnocchi with Vodka cream sauce, green beans & a Boca Italian sausage (I bought everything & cooked/heated it myself. This is not homemade, as much as I wish I were just that good!):


snack: totally digging those Annie’s Bunny Grahams! Here they are with vanilla ice cream & strawberries:


meal: whole wheat pita with avocado, hummus, cheese & veggies (tomato, sprouts, lettuce); along with a Sunshine  Garden Herb burger & roasted veggies  (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, onions & tomatoes):

dsc04713 dsc04714 dsc04712 dsc04717

Wallaby yogurt (Banana-Vanilla) with cinnamon & sunflower seeds (I love this brand- great flavor, texture & fun flava’s!):

yog + nuts + cinn

I had an Indian packaged meal, too, from Tasty Bite: Kashmir Spinach. My awesomely-active-&-delicious-food-eating friend from Gliding Calm has eaten & reviewed this meal twice  here and here! …so I’ll let her reviews take the stage, because I agree that the “bulking with veggies” is necessary. I added green peppers, onions & eggplant & ate it with pita bread:

tasty bite dsc04722 dsc04726 Tasty Bites! (but not pretty-lookin’)

Another International meal I’ve made came from this cookbook:

cookbook My nutritionist is Israeli & she lent it to me, noting some of her favorite (vegetarian) recipes… I made a Chickpea-Eggplant-Tomato stew & I added wheat berries & ate it with a pita with buttah’: stew < There it is!

IF YOU’RE STILL READING, thank you!!! I’m sorry for ginormous posts- this is what I get for being away for so long. I find it daunting when I don’t post for a while because then I have to make up for all that lost time! I tried to keep the comments short, though. Message me if you have questions or sum’thin!

a few more:

wrapped taco wrap

^ wrap on a locally-made pita (don’t think it’s whole-wheat, but I do know it’s soft & short ingredient list!) stuffed with veggies & hummus (there may or may not have been more- I don’t remember, but it was tastttyyy!)

In order for me to get excited again about blogging (which I am! But, you know, it’s the whole “here’s-what-I’ve-been-up-to-lately” thing…), I made a different kind of oat breakfast. I’ve read about people putting an egg or egg whites in their oats, but I’ve never done it. I always sort of think it’ll scramble. Today I added one egg white at the end of cooking my oats (half oat- bran & half –meal), plus pumpkin, walnuts, s’milk & golden raisins: 

egg oats < see the little white-flecks? Any advice to make it more “custard-y” without actually baking it?! It was good, but I really didn’t taste much of a difference… oh well, maybe I missed something & will have to re-visit this technique!

ONE MORE THING: If anyone can tell me what this is, you get 10 points!


*HINT: I got it fresh from my local produce market, but you can also get it pre-packaged. It’s more of a “European” thing, I’d say. (It’s not just a plastic bag– what’s on top of that-there bag?!) Have fun!

Oh, & if anyone’s missing a folder, I know where it might be:


I’m working on some interview questions for a select few- thanks for those of you who volunteered! I’ll get-chya thinking soon enough!


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14 responses to “Hollerin’ Back ya’ll!

  1. WELCOME BACK, GIRL!!!! And don’t apologize for a long post – those are the best kind!! 😀

    Mmm, Indian food. My favorite!!

  2. so that’s where my folder’s been! haha jk.
    I add liquid eggs to my oats just to boost up the protein. I can’t taste it so much but i think it makes the oats a bit fluffier and creamier. I just eyeball the amount of water & add a 1/4 cup of the eggs, stir it, and then microwave it as per usual, stirring halfway through. It’s more of a trial & error thing so keep on trying it out!
    mm i thought the thing on top of the baggie was hummus at first but.. after reading the hint.. i have no idea haha

  3. haha you are hilarious.
    i love your posts!! yay for bulkin up the packaged meals!!! and thanks for the shout outs mama! u rockkkkkkkkkkk.

  4. Hahaha awesome find!!! 😉 LOL
    And love your eats!!!

  5. Matt

    Too many vegetables!

  6. Welcome back – missed you too.

    I love that seltzer water. Sometimes, I just need a little fizz.

    All your eats look delish, and I love how both you and Gliding Calm bulked up your pre-packaged meals with your own veggies. Such a good idea.

    Here is a link for making oatmeal custard with egg white – works great! http://talesofexpansion.wordpress.com/not-quite-recipes-but/custard-oatmeal/

  7. is it hummus?!

    and ohh I really loveee the punjab eggplant and bombay potatoes from the tasty bites brand!!! so spicy and good, but definitely needs other stuff to bulk it up, veggies and pita bread always works perfectly!

  8. eatavegan

    Glad you’re back, lady!
    Yummmmmy pictures!

  9. Sometimes the best vacations are the laid back ones where you don’t have to do a lot 🙂

    Yoga running and laying on the beach sound like the perfect combo for a relaxing break!

    I have been drinking a lot of seltzer water (trying to kick my Diet Coke habbit) and love it with a splash of fresh lemon or lime juice!

    Have a great day!

  10. Wow, you had tons of yummies over break! And even if the gnocchi wasn’t homemade, it still looks delish. 🙂

    Wallaby yogurt, you say? I’ve never heard of it before.

    You have so much variety in your diet – I wish you could be my personal chef! Oh, SB, if only. 😀

  11. Delicious eats over your break! Especially the Indian food!!

  12. cleanveggiex3

    amazing eats!! I really love the sandwich with the sprouts : ) haha my wraps always seem to turn into pitas too!

  13. Those bunny grahams are adorable and you used them in just the right way 😉

  14. erinbee

    i love bunnies!

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