Oh, look what I’ve done

…look what I’ve done & eaten, lately, I mean:

Sweet Kristina from Stonyfield Farm sent me a bunch of fun stuff! Coupons, free Oikos & a canvas bag to lug it all out of the store! Thanks, Kristina! I look forward to trying all the products & telling my lovely e-friends about the delicious orgasmic organic treats!


Because my camera was M-I-A, maybe in a Paper Plane (…), I took some MacBook photos, weeee! Here, we have golden oats, with (beige-not-golden) oat bran/oatmeal, a Golden Delicious apple, golden raisins… I just needed a golden crown or something:

photo-27 photo-29

Yeah, it was tastyyyy! photo-28

pretzel < I must rave about these babies. When I buy salted pretzels, I pretty much end up picking off the salt. It’s like a game, but my mouth becomes raw if I don’t! (ick!) So now, (DUH to me!) I buy unsalted pretzels! They’re soo addicting! Here, I dipped them in: half homemade hummus & half Dijon mustard! (I’m sorry Matt, but this mustard ROCKS the hizz-ouse!!!) 

dsc04802 < another unidentifiable bowl of oats! Why do I keep taking pictures of them, if they look the same? I’d assume it has walnuts, a banana, some s’milk, cinnamon & other goodies in it, but it’s a mystery now!

tea < give it up for some Oregon love! Stash Tea is manufactured close to Portland (Tigard), so I love it more! I got the double spice Chai tea & WOW, I looooove it, especially sweetened & (s’)milky! I’ll rave about this, too!

dsc04805 dsc04807

^ tempeh-veggie-avocado-BBQ (sauce) sammich! The tempeh isn’t cooked. Just in the raw– very scandalous

dsc04886 < sauteed veggies (green beans, squash & zucchini), tempe-teh (from ED&BV– YES, I ordered it… LOVE IT & can’t wait to make different hummus from the entire section it has about it!), with a side of that Dijon to dip, a whole wheat roll with buttah’ & a baked sweet ‘tater with more buttah’, brown sugar & cinnamon

& because I saw this –> wok

I made this: 

stir-fry dsc04898

I used green curry paste & subbed s’milk for the coconut milk, with veggies & tempeh. A stir-fry that was creamy & divine!

dsc04804 < I made this with frozen mango,  s’milk & some plain yogurt to thicken it more. Very good & refreshing!

dsc04780 < can you spy a boy in a tuxedo?!

OH-EM-GEE! Guess what I saw back in Target, just yesterday?!


My favorite Luna bar: PB Cookie (Nutz Over Chocolate is back, too)- from the recall. I’ve honestly been neglecting my girl Luna, as they’re getting really sweet, but this flavor (PB Cookie!) totally makes me & my taste buds happy! I sincerely hope this “PB-scare” is gone for good!

I am so very jealous of Heather’s yoga journey! I’m happy she was able to do it (you-go-girlfriend!), especially because of my love of yoga lately. Check out her final review of her workshop!


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14 responses to “Oh, look what I’ve done


    Love that bumper sticker 😀

    Hooray for yoga!!

  2. That bumper sticker makes me laugh 🙂

    I do love the PB cookie Larabar as well, have you tried the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut? It is sweet, but the macadamia nut adds a salty crunch.

    That protein powder looks interesting. I have seen that brand, but not that flavor. I bet it would be good in some “carrot cake” oats.

    I have been loving tempeh lately as well and love it in stir-fries like you have done, but I’ll have to try it in a sandwich with avocado like you did, yum!!!

  3. WHOA, HOLD THE TRAIN! That sandwich looks out of this world. Totally want one! And haha, scrumptious bars, I need to jump on the bandwagon!

  4. Wow, your eats are looking good these days! Love all the tempeh action, and I LOVE just eating it straight from the package…scandalous indeed!

    ED & BV is one of my favorite cookbooks. So many amazing recipes. Haven’t made one that I didn’t adore.

    Thanks for the sweet shout-out, and I’m so glad you’re loving yoga lately…and that you found some unsalted pretzels. 🙂

    P.S. – You have amazing hair!

  5. Thanks so much for your input on my recent chocolate addiction. Chai tea in a truffle sounds really interesting. 🙂
    whoa so many luna bars! That stash looks yummy-licious! They have Chai tea Luna bars? The WF’s I go to don’t have many options of Luna bars. I’ll have to do some hunting. 🙂

    OH double spice chai tea ❗ ? I love spicy chai tea.

    I can’t figure out where the boy in the tux is. It looks just like a flame to me.

  6. scandalous and bare tempeh….I love it hahaha, that sandwich sounds so good, I really need to try the tempeh + bbq sauce together soon!

    hummus & dijon mustard?!! I need to make this!!

  7. Yay for the return of peanuts! Maybe they’ll bring back the PB Clifs too…

  8. eatavegan

    Girl you fully crack me up. I think you should copyright the term s’milky because it’s hilarious.

  9. cleanveggiex3

    those golden oats sound fabulous!!

    YAYYY for target having pb products again. They had the cliff peanut butter bars too, which made me thrilled.

    great eats girlie!

  10. all your food looks SO good! i really want to try tempeh! do you eat it raw usually? what does it taste like?

  11. Ha, the “I’d Rather Be Wokking” bumper sticker is classic.

    And I’m 100% in agreement with the end of Luna’s PB products recall! Halelujah much?

  12. stop being so cute!!

    YAYO FOR TEMPEH! my brotha from anotha motha!

  13. That is a funny bumper sticker 🙂 Your food looks amazing!

  14. Super information!! Hope to visit soon!!

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