Sweat Shop

I’m Miss OP, & I support them:


^ this shirt was a lighter color before I visited the sweat shop. It was certainly lighter in weight. It was very dry, but it became wet… with sweat. (Sorry if you’re grossed out… it’s only natural!)


I’m really talking about one of my latest visits here:

dsc04978 dsc04979

…because it makes me sweat!

It’s really beautifully decorated outside, with a garden area & an outdoor canopy/cover with chairs & couches (to the right, once you walk past this welcome arch).

I have been LOVING yoga lately: Hot, Power, Hatha, Vinyasawhatever I can get! I’ve even started doing it on my own, from what I remember from classes & from this podcast I found at Yoga to the People!

Upon leaving the Yoga Village, they serve some of my favorite Yogi Tea (Chai) with s’milk & honey. Definitely makes getting through the challenging class: the way it makes me feel + the delicious inner warmth of the tea!

I’ll leave you with a quote that hangs on the wall- I hope you like it:


Never Give Up!

I know I haven’t been around lately… I’ve been busily working on school stuff & my summer plans, but I am still photo-ing my rave-worthy eats & doings! AND I’m still reading & commenting on your blogs!

Have a great week, darlings! ☮

(DISCLAIMER: I do not support “Sweat-Shops”- just places that make me sweat!)


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10 responses to “Sweat Shop

  1. Lovely Yoga Village and message!!

  2. Matt

    You need to post more SB!

  3. Great words of inspiration. Yoga does do wonders for the mind and body. That reminds me, I should put in a session or two.

    Thanks for your comment on my site. It cracked me up. I am imagining her with sunglasses on. 😆 Oh, and your budgeting tips are great too! My husband just recently caught on to the allowance method. I think it works great. If you have any more great ideas about budgeting, shoot me an email….I’m thinking of Guest post…? Huh? What do ya say…?

  4. Thanks for your kind comment on my site! I really need to get into this whole yoga thing…..

  5. OP, you know I love the sweaty places too! Oh my gosh, Yoga Village – that is my kind of place. I need to open one here. 🙂

    Loved the quote – thank you for sharing.

    I’ve missed ya…hope you have a great yoga-filled week my friend.

  6. Chai tea w/ soy milk and honey is so good!! Glad this yoga place is making you work up a sweat, those yoga workouts are the best!

  7. eatavegan

    I like the yoga to the people downloads, but I like yogadownloads even more — they come with slide shows of the moves so you know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing! (Sometimes I need the extra help…)
    Glad you’re enjoying yourself and sweating up a storm!

  8. Glad you had a good yoga class!

    Love the “Never give up” quote!

  9. sounds like an awesome workout!

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