Free-bies for Me-Me!

Am I lucky or what?! From the past 3 nights I had work, I came home with free goodies (from the goodie fairy, naturally) each night!!! Ch-ch-check it out:

Night #1:

free goodies Back to Nature WW Crackers, Odwalla Light Limeade, Tasty Bite Multi-grain Pilaf

Night #2:

free bread & bar (Store-baked) WW Pan bread & a Belly Bar  (no, I’m not preggers, but the nutrition isn’t bad!)

Night #3:

free soap Kiss My Face soap (yes, kiss it!)

I like working in the morning, because the “bar guy” who orders & gets samples from bars & different companies sometimes gives me extras or past-“sell-by” items, but he’s usually gone by the time I get there, so… the ways I get these goods are: 

  • Returns. If someone decides they didn’t actually want it, or something is “wrong” with it (I don’t take it, if it’s actually tainted, but some people are very particular!), it’s fair game.
  • Past the “Sell By” date, which is still good to eat, just not to sell. It sits on the table in the back room & anyone can take it, if it has that bright orange “Paid” sticker!
  • An abundance of something, from an order. Sometimes people special-order something & it doesn’t sell on the shelf, so we “get rid” of it! Yippee!
  • Samples.
  • …sometimes extra reasons, too, it just varies!

ALSO, a big THANK YOU to Heather for sending me my *prize* of Jay Robb Chocolate Rice Protein. By the way, I’m friends with Jay on Facebook (yeah, I can call him “Jay” or maybe “J” or “J-Ro” because we’re friends & tizz-ight!) Any suggestions as to how to use this protein?!


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10 responses to “Free-bies for Me-Me!

  1. eatavegan

    Freebies! Lucky! Wish I was working in a health food store right now…

  2. Hahaha I LOVE IT ALL!!!!

  3. Sweet! That’s my kind of job 🙂
    As for the protein powder, can you mix it in your oatmeal maybe? That’s what I’ve tried in the past, or even mixed in warmed-up soy milk for a kind of protein-soy-latte. I like warm drinks, in case you couldn’t tell. 😉

  4. yay freebies!!
    i’ll be in the tampa area! wesley chapel to be exact! i’ll be there june 10-17. i’d loveeee to meet up!! 🙂

  5. you are so cute.
    holler at the freebiesssssssss

  6. Again, I went to work in a health food store. I would love soap samples and freebies from the back room!

    Jay Robb – I prefer my him in my oat bran, but he also makes a very sexy smoothie. 🙂

  7. I want your job lol Great freebies! 😀

  8. This is so funny! I literally just RANDOMLY found your blog & clicked on your “Me” section and I recognized you from Nature’s Food Patch- I was in FL visiting my friend Ian Smith & he introduced my Husband and I to you…Such a small…blog world? Haha! I used to work at the Patch & isn’t it great to take home the free goodies?

    Take care!

  9. WoW!! How awesome to get so many freebies at work!!! I guess technically I get to eat anything in the kitchen and work, but never to bring something home!! DANGGGG jealous!! 🙂

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