About Miss Orange Pop!

I’m a 20 year-old gal, living in FL, learning to love myself! Here, I plan to write about happenings in my life, post pictures and rave about things I like, or whatever I feel like writing! I’m the youngest of 3 girls, and the only vegetarian in my family. I have a passion for cooking, nutrition and an active lifestyle. I’ve played elite volleyball forEVER, have lost the passion to play, unfortunately, but still love the sport. I respect myself and my body, so I care what goes into it and I’m learning what feels good and what doesn’t, in regards to fuel! I also care about the Earth, the environment and animals… and treating them with respect! I like biking, reading, crafting, learning, traveling, a good sale, going to the beach, watching movies (and quoting them!), and orange pop. I brush my teeth often, though!

I’m back in school this enjoy it! I originally thought I would major in Journalism, but now I’m thinking Psychology, and perhaps going into Art Therapy?! We’ll see… I went away to college right after high school, but took a break, moved home, moved away to Portland, OR, then moved home again, and here I am! I LOVED Portland, but it’s not the right time in my life to live on my own way out there! Someday, I hope to go back, though!

Enjoy life!

Have questions? Comments? Suggestions? Contact me!

21 responses to “About Miss Orange Pop!

  1. It’s so cool to meet a fellow movie-quoter. 🙂

  2. Katie

    I’m from Portland! I hope you move back someday 🙂

  3. orangepop

    Katie- do you still live there? What part of the city? I love it- the lifestyle and vibe is SO cool!

  4. Clara

    hi there!

    cute blog 🙂 and nice pic – you’re very pretty!

  5. Hi Clara- Thanks, you’re sweet! Do you have a blog, too?! I’d love to be a visitor on it!

  6. clairedille

    Hi, its great to see another former athlete vegetarian blogging. Do you still exercise a lot or no? I am a former competitive distance runner and never know if I want to go back to there or not (racing). Thanks for checking out my new blog http://afreshdille.wordpress.com/

    I don’t drink soda but when I did (maybe again some day)….orange will definitely be first choice. yum

  7. iameatingtolive

    Hey, ‘Clara’ here 🙂 I finally got a blog! http://www.iameatingtolive.wordpress.com

    my real name is Chandra, I was using an alias because there is another Chandra who comments food blogs regularly and people were getting confused! heh heh, but now that I have my own blog I might as well use my real name 😉

  8. seeleelive

    Thanks for finding me, girly. I like your blog, too. Where abouts in FL do you reside?!! I love finding people who love the same foods as me 🙂 so this is greatly appreciated. I noticed you like diet stewart’s….AMAZING PRODUCT! Makes me feel like I am a 50’s gal as well. Keep chuggin along!!

  9. I just stumbled upon your blog and really like it!!

  10. Andrea

    You moved away from Portland? I don’t know if I could do that!

  11. Hi and thanks for visiting my blog! I look forward to reading more of yours too 🙂
    My previous roommate is from Portland and she’d always say that it rained so much there. And is it true that they have wireless throughout the entire city because that’s way awesome haha

  12. Love your blog…just came across it! I majored in psychology and while it was interesting I wish I would have listened to my gut and persisted with getting into the RD program.

  13. I just found your blog!! Can’t wait to read more =)

    Where in FL do you live?? I am in school in Gainesville right now but home is in Tampa.

  14. Oh my god! I’m a Portland native and just moved away 1.5 years ago and I die 😦 Your blog looks great. You sound like an adventurous spirit. I’m excited to read more!

  15. peaceandpeanutbutter

    Hey! Just discovered your blog! I’m a fairly new blogger (Peaceandpeanutbutter.wordpress.com)

    I, too, am the ONLY vegetarian in my family, and love to fuel my body with healthy, organic, and DELICIOUS foods! Plus, I LOVE LOVE LOVE volleyball!

    Great posts 🙂 Look forward to seeing more!

    Peace, Erika

  16. Just came across your blog through. Love what i’ve read so far. I moved from Portland a while back too. I miss it like crazy, but am glad to be back by family.

  17. Hey! Nice to “meet” another Floridian blogger 🙂 I can’t wait to read more! (You’re incredibly lucky, BTW, with all those goodies you get to bring home from your job! Mine tries to send me home with food too, but it’s usually more along the lines of Fritos and canned beef stew!)

  18. danielle

    Came to your blog when i was searching for “brown tattoos” … lol … so i got to your picture of the dove … but btw, i’m loving your blog !! 🙂
    But … I have a question … I’m about to have my first tattoo and i ab-so-lu-te-ly wanted a brown one (its pure text, not a drawing or so) but now found out that NO tattoo shop wants to place a brown tattoo (I live in Belgium btw), because they all say it fades wayyyyy to fast … now i don’t know what to do anymore, cos i definately do NOT want a black one, lol.
    Could you let me know how your brown tat is going … ? It would be great if you could, I personally dont know anyone who has a brown one … 😉
    Thx & take care xxxxxxx 🙂

  19. danielle

    omg, i’m a pain when it comes to posting, something always goes wrong, sorry x

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