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Morning Love (& a chocolate-y giveaway!)

GOOD MORNING, from the 3 of us: Orange Pop, Jasper & Tucker on the bottom!

3 of us

They’re givin’ me some lovin‘! aww… Jasper wanted more face-time, so he stuck around, & I feel obligated to show you my morning-face because he’s worth it:

me & jas (courtest of PhotoBooth!) 

I had some “3-grain” cereal this morning: oat bran, oatmeal & wheat berries, with an apple, cinnamon, walnuts & smilk. It had great texture:

3-grain Kath puts wheatberries in her morning cereal, & since I still have a plethora of these chewy babies, I thought I’d use ’em. I have yet to incorporate a “blended-puddin’-style” of my grains, a-la Katie , but SPEAKING OF this chocolate-covered gal, she is having a CHOCOLATE GIVEAWAY!!! Go to her new Wordpress blog-site & check it out to get a WHOLE FREAKIN’ CASE of Larabar’s Jocalat bars! The Larabar company is teaming up with her to help fund this giveaway- how awesome is that?

Something else I’ve consumed lately?

gin & kom

a new-to-me (empty) flavor of Kombucha, Multi-Green & some Peanut-Ginger chews! If you like peanuts (*ahem, PB-lova’s!*) & you love ginger, you miiight just like these! More peanutty than other ginger chews I’ve tried, but still, yummm!

THANK YOU to everyone in their feedback with the header/blog! I haven’t contacted anyone because I’m sort of wondering if I should change the style of the blog. And since I have become “Orange Pop” I need to stick with that. I think I’ll add more features, such as “Story-time” about my job, “Tea-time” with something snazzy about that, maybe something with dogs & of course, FOOD-stuff!

gtp tea < My sample  from Yogi teas

This weekend, I’m not sure what I’m up to, other than the usual work tomorrow night. Today, it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside, so I’m thinking I’ll go to the library to get some books for my school paper, then head to the beach?! Oh yes, I’m soo lucky! Have a wonderful weekend. What are you all up to?

Also, I’m wondering about OILS. Which have what benefits, which fats, what’s best to cook with, & not to cook with. Now I’ve been using canola to bake, olive to pan-fry, sautee & marinate, & flaxseed for dressings, dips & cold-toppers mixed in yogurt & such too. Any suggestions or ideas or websites with info about these things? I’m looking into walnut, avocado, almond & others… 


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Changes & Attitudes & Contests

Jimmy Buffett, anyone?! (though I’m in a tropical climate, I am not a huge fan of “Cheeseburgers in Paradise” or anything of that nature!)

I need to change my heading picture because I am successfully off of java. It’s been 2 WEEKS! Also, it’s the same with artificial-ness. I can hardly believe it, based on the fact that I’ve been soo reliant on the 2 for beverages! At first, boy-oh-boy I wanted to pad my head with pillows it was pounding so hard. This lasted for probably 4 days-straight! Yikes…bikes! (movie reference, anyone?) I’d kill for something bubbly & flavorful, too. Instead, I drank a lot of water, Propel, Kombucha, & tea! I’d sweeten my tea with Agave or Stevia (at work. Isn’t it nice that a workplace has organic turbinado, date syrup, Agave, honey & Stevia as sweetener choices, instead of pink, blue, yellow & white packets?!) Some new tea:

tea < that’s right, it’s decaf!

ALSO, I met with a nutritionist last week, too, to get a look at my diet to see how I can add healthful foods, what I need more/less of & gain more structure. Basically, I love her style! She stresses (for me, right now, trying to gain a few pounds!): HIGH fat, carb, protein, as well as nutrient-dense foods with lots of vitamins & minerals! (I just wrote minterals) Whole Foods. Plant-based. I think everyone should feel good great about what they eat! 

I’m going NUTS! (…or I am a nut?)

nutty seedy side nuts

nuts & seeds < this is about 4 oz of nuts (~ 1 & 1/3 c.)

With the combination of eliminating coffee, artificial sweeteners, & adding healthy fats & more food, in general, I feel SO GOOD. Not as tired, anymore, actually. Very energetic & positive. My skin is clearing & doesn’t seem as “rough” (looking or feeling). I eat at least every 3-hours Chocolate-Covered Vegan might call it eating like a “Hobbit!” I’m also incorporating more low-impact exercising (yoga, walking, body-weight exercises) & less gym-like cardio sessions! Britney Spears Elliptical, I’m no longer a slave for you!

We even looked at things like salad that I enjoy & saw how I can beef it up to make it more as a meal & not just vegetables. I’ve tried this & it is SO satisfying. Here are some recent combos:

#1:  veggies: spinach & mixed greens, tomato, carrots & red pepper; protein: edamame & goat cheese (some dairy in there, too); fat:  pumpkin seeds & flax oil… plus, the 3rd picture is what I accompanied it with: Triscuits (Rosemary & Olive Oil flavor= starch) with hummus (for fat & protein)

salad mixed up salad

all mixed up –> meal

#2: veggies: spinach & greens, carrots, onion, red peppers, sprouts; protein: marinated tofu (with Annie’s Asian marinade); fat: avocado, pumpkin seeds, flax oil; alongside, I had some Wheat Thins with cheese (for protein & dairy) & salsa

salad lunch

Oh, & I got a new phone because mine would die during a 6-minute call, no matter what… & that’s a maximum! I call it the “Element of phones” because, like the car, Honda Element, it grows on you. It’s boxy (& foxy!). It’s odd. But functional! I reveal, to you, the BLITZ, from Verizon:

small phone expanded phone

^ made for texting. It’s a bright blue color (I know it’s hard to tell here), & it’s the only color it comes in, otherwise, I’d get it in… hmm, orange, maybe?! YES, orange! My background is no longer a piece of a puzzle, like it shows here, but a bottle of Fanta orange pop. Surprised? (Oh, nutritionist, you would not like me! Except this has been cut, too… wah!) 

So, due to the fact I no longer consume coffee, I need a new header. My attitude has developed into spunky & laid-back, at the same time I guess, so… any cool ideas are welcomed!!! Also, I want to make a “Recipe” tab– any help on this is much appreciated, as well… you can send ideas on my comments OR here in an e-mail! Thanks for taking care of a clueless-sistah! 

***I’ll make this into a challenge: anyone who can come up with a good design, idea, or helpful tips will be taken into consideration, but I’ll choose a LUCKY person & send ya a prize (to be determined, by me). There are NO LOSERS, just bad ideas (kidding, you all have wonderful, creative ideas!!!). SO GET TO IT!!! I’ll leave this extended, until I decide to close it & find something I really want to RAVE ABOUT!***


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