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Today I’ve been busy on the web, trying to figure this all out! The links! The pictures! The tags! The BlogRoll! The theme! …there’s so much to it, but it’s kind of fun and I am on the computer wasting a lot of time, anyway, so it works out!

I’ve been trying to make blog-friends, but I know it will take time! Any tips?

Well, I dog-sit pretty often for my aunt’s yellow lab when she’s out of town for work, so I did that last night and today until she got home. Then my sister, mom and I went to Target! I love that place- this was a SUPERTarget so it’s really that much better than any store! It has everything! I, of course, didn’t get anything. I love browsing and shopping, but I rarely buy anything for myself. I tried some clothes on and even a bathing suit, but nothing this trip!

When I got home, I had the rest of the apple crisp with vanilla yogurt… so good! I picked up some sweet potato fries at the Co-Op and we had some tonight along with some baked BBQ tofu (for me!), broiled tomatoes, mixed veggies. I never bake my tofu- it’s usually cooked in a pan on the stove, but I was glad I made the effort to do something different. Dinner did not disappoint!

For dessert, I had some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. I usually don’t buy their brand because it’s expensive, but guess what was on sale?! YUP! I got “Imagine Whirrled Peace” and it had little chocolate peace-signs in it! SO CUTE! I’m all about the peace!

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