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Thankful and Giving! (and getting)

What a wonderful day I had on Thanksgiving! TG

^ Here I am with Mr. & Mrs. OrangePop… those who birthed me! I love them a lot and am very fortunate to have such loving and supportive parents! I have 2 older sisters who, unfortunately, weren’t able to make it. My sister who is away working at a ski resort went to a church and had a free dinner with the old people who sponsored it!!! How cute! My other sister had her traditional meal the night before and she ate leftovers (which, I think, is one of the best parts of the food-part of the holiday!) that day and lounged, watched the parade (where she actually went to see it in NY last year!). She came home the next day and we’ve been hanging out, when I’m not at work


^ My Vegan with a Vengeance cake! The Ginger-Macadamia Nut-Coconut-Carrot Cake was a total hit!

Quorn Quorn Turk’y Roast– I loved it! Even the biggest meat-eater tried it and agreed it tasted just like turkey and admitted to even liking it! Yay! It’s not vegan, but I’m not. I rubbed it with olive oil and Italian seasoning and then baked it wrapped in tin-foil! Delish!

 sweet taters Sweet Potato Casserole– my favorite side, which became more like the center. Plenty of walnuts, brown sugar and goodness in this baby!

My Black Friday started at 6am, when my mom and I went to Target (oh, love) and saw people LEAVING when we got there… whatttt?! Ludicrous! It’s not that I just needed anything or was looking for something in particular, but this gal loves a good deal, so I was on the hunt… I also loved that it marked the beginning of the holiday season so it was fun listening to the first bit of holiday music on the way there, while it was still dark. I got a sweater-ish top, a pair of black high-tops, Werther’s hard candies, and gum. Woo, big-spender. Then, we went to Michael’s where I got 2 types of yarn (I can crochet!) and some stationary. Then, Old Navy, where I bought two T-shirts. All on sale. Because I’m thrifty like that!

Today, we (my parents, oldest sis & I) went to get our Christmas tree! Beforehand, we stopped and got coffee and bagels, then skipped along to the tree-tent.  We’ve been debating whether or not to get a small tree and put it on a table, like we did last year when Jasper was a very curious pup; or to get a regular-sized tree and risk him eating the ornaments off the bottom, try to drink the tree’s water, or something else spontaneous and odd… in the end, we decided on a tall tree! The very 1st one we looked at was the one we got! It’s just beautiful and it fills the house with a comforting, lovely smell! Live trees are just the way to go! I’ll show you a picture once all the ornaments go up, but for now:



*Tucker & Jasper taking turns playing Santa!

As we decorated, we, of course, listened to holiday tunes. What’s your favorite song of the season?! I love (I think it’s Paul McCartney?) the song that goes, “Simply- having- a wonderful Christmastime!” It’s so happy and fun! Traditionally speaking, I love “Silent Night” (sad and lovely, because it reminds me of my Grandma) and “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire” especially by Bing Crosby!


I hope everyone had a fantastic, loving Thanksgiving, like I did! 

Oh, another school week begins, sooo make it a great one!

XOXO~Gossip Girl Miss OP


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I speak with honest GARLIC breath!

orange pop

Why, hello, my lovely long-necked friend! I saw this at the store and had to try it! Why? WHY NOT?! Yes, it is diet, but it still tasted like I melted an orange creamsicle in my mouth! I felt like I was in the 50’s at the soda fountain. Oh, a twist on my beloved orange pop! Too bad I don’t have a juke box and I wish I drank it with a straw, but now I think of it…

To back-track, I made some famous Chickpea Cutlets from V’con for lunch today. I also had Emerald Kale Salad from the deli at work, which was excellent. One bite into the cutlets and I said, “OHHH YEAH!” I made a spin off of some mustard sauce, which I could never in a million years replicate, because I just sort of put some of this in, and some of that in… improvisation! From what I remember, it had some mustard powder, Braggs, Wasabi powder, garlic, Agave nectar, some flour to thicken it… I don’t know for sure, but it was garlicky, tasty, and delicious, all together! I was very satisfied, can you tell?! The kale salad was garlicky, too, so afterward, I sort of felt like I had just eaten the entire bulb of garlic! Ha! (Jasper and Tucker did not want to speak to or kiss me afterward!)
chickpea cutlets

Isn’t my mini-whisk the cutest?!

So, I went to the mall after that, because I have a few gift cards and I love a good sale, but nothing caught my bargaining eye, so I left and picked up my liquified-creamsicle and some decaf coffee (Cinnamon Hazelnut, thank you) and went home. I really wasn’t hungry for dinner. 4 hours later, can you believe it?! Usually my body is saying, “FEED ME!” every 3 hours or so, but I wasn’t hungry! I was, however, in the mood to cook. After going through my recipe books and taking stock of what I would fancy in my head, I decided I would eat a good, full, meal. And it would be tasty! I made a spin off of Pasta de la California in V’con (hmm, Pasta de la Madam Orange Pop?!), with some spicy Bar-B-Que tempeh, and a side-salad with Annie’s Woodstock dressing! How have I not known about this beauty-of-a-dressing before?! Loved it! Props to Annie and her employees! Again, I have garlic breath, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I have to be honest here. I’ve been dreaming all today when I would sneak in some exercise, other than walking around the mall. I haven’t been feeling as strong lately and it’s been probably a week since I’ve hit the gym. But, I have been walking, biking, running (minimally) and working recently. And, some more honesty for you, I’ve been feeling a bit tired, frail/thin-feeling. This is not a good feeling for me because I am usually full of energy, happy, warrior-like (yes, me, Orange Pop, Warrior Princess!)… so I knew I needed to eat and eat I did! I feel like sometimes I look like a little girl, or worse, a little boy! You know what I mean? So, here I type, full, sleepy and a bit uncomfortable, but I will be kind to myself because I’ve been not-so-kind in the past, if ya know what I mean.

So there’s honesty for ya! I promised myself and my parents I’d take great care of myself while they’re away, and always! That’s a gift everyone should let themselves have!


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A gassy experience…

Ha… okay, not THAT gas, but the over-priced, stinky, liquid kind (STOP- get your mind out of the gutter!). I dropped my oldest sister off at the airport and my plan was to go to the mall, which is over there, and then pick up some things at the store. But first of all, I needed some gas, so I stopped off, pre-paid, put the nozzle in the gas tank, and it came out! Squirting all over me! EW! So I filled up what I had paid for and went home to scrub myself off and change. So I probably wasted some more gas driving home, AND drive back, but I felt like this was a good day for errands and I should get to it before I was stormed on!

I ex-nayed the mall went to the grocery store. Of course, I had my coupons, which is good because I saved $4.05 on a total of 20 items! Go, me! It adds up, I’ll tell ya. I feel a bit better about this, because I probably wasted some money on the gas that spewed all over me…grrr! Anyway, I found some new things I’ve never bought or seen before, so I feel good that I’m expanding my tastes, too.

Here they are:


Ta-da! I’ve been drinking Emergen-C powder as a supplement into water, which also makes me feel spiffy and I’m trying to find a go-to flavor, so I picked up 4 new ones: Pink Lemonade, Tangerine, Mixed Berry and Black Cherry. I got some Cranberry Stuffing Tofurkey slices I’m excited to try. In the plastic bags I got some bulk items to try: dark chocolate coffee beans (Wow! Those babies are tasty and I’m sure will get ya zippy!), dried dates, and dried apricots. I got 2 So Delicious Cinnamon Bun-flavored soy yogurts because I’ve heard they’re stellar. They were all out of these on the shelf, but I asked and it was my lucky day! The guy who helped me said they were the only flavor that flew off the shelf! (Imagine! Yogurt, flying!) Organic Valley Soymilk enters the mix, as do 2 Wallaby yogurts: Pineapple Coconut and Strawberry Guava. I got some Spinach Dal, an Amy’s Burrito, an Amy’s Tamale Verde meal, my beloved tempeh, Chocolate Pecan Pie Luna, PB&J Dipped Mojo bar, and lastly, some Apricot & Nut (and Coconut!) Nature’s Path granola bars. *Phew!* What an accomplished feeling! Now I have some tasty snacks and food-stuff to take to work, or eat anytime, that I’m enthusiastic to eat!

I’m not vegan, but since starting at work, I’m contemplating this idea. I’ve tried it before, but wasn’t doing it very health-fully, so I added dairy, eggs, etc, so I wasn’t so rigid and restrictive, which is what happened. So, gradually, I suppose. I prefer the taste of soymilk, though, so I’ve stuck with those, but lately I’ve been eating a lot of cottage cheese and yogurt, so those may be the last to go!

Anyway, another night of dog-sitting and then work tomorrow, mid-day! I’ve gotta refund my gas money and grocery bill! Have a super Monday (not the case of the Mondays! <- what movie, anyone?!) and the rest of your week 🙂


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Hot Penguins & Funnies

This weekend I had a little trip. I went to South FL on Friday and Saturday with my mom. When we got there, we went to Deerfield Beach for just over an hour. The sand is different from here- darker, and way-way-hot! We actually went swimming in the Atlantic Ocean and got pummeled by the waves, but had a blast!

After checking into the hotel and cleaning up, we went to Loehmann’s, which we don’t have around here, so I have been looking forward to this! It’s the kind of place that has a little of everything and you have to dig and be patient to find something for you! I got a new bathing suit! Can I tell you it was on sale?! HAHA, surprising, right?! But, to be fair, all the swimwear was 25% off. That’s all I got. My tummy started acting up so we went to Walgreens and got some fruity Rolaids! It was my 1st experience of them working! YAY!

We had a good time and I met up with some people Saturday and my mom got to relax and do whatever she pleased! It was a long drive home and my butt was sore from sitting so long! It’s funny how doing… nothing… gets you so tired!

Today I wore my new suit! It is the brand, Penguin. I’ve seen it before but have never owned anything by them because usually the “penguin” is everywhere on the print, but I’ve got to share what he looks like! In the sun, he turned really hot because he’s metal! (Do you like the way I’m calling it a “he?!”)


It’s sort of a charcoal color, with a lime-greenish outline. These are the bottoms, by the way! The top is just triangle with the same outline and metal penguins at the end of the neck-tie! Ouch to the metal, but cute!

As I laid out by the pool today, I read the Sunday paper. It’s the only day of the week I do, because I like to look at all the ads! I save the best for last, and of course it’s the Target ad! The only comic strip I follow regularly is called Get Fuzzy. I love the little animals. One is so sweet and innocent (Satchel) and the other is so cynical and mean (Fuzzy). I don’t really know what kind of animals they are… a cat and dog? rat? haha, not sure.


Have a great week, everyone 🙂


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Today I’ve been busy on the web, trying to figure this all out! The links! The pictures! The tags! The BlogRoll! The theme! …there’s so much to it, but it’s kind of fun and I am on the computer wasting a lot of time, anyway, so it works out!

I’ve been trying to make blog-friends, but I know it will take time! Any tips?

Well, I dog-sit pretty often for my aunt’s yellow lab when she’s out of town for work, so I did that last night and today until she got home. Then my sister, mom and I went to Target! I love that place- this was a SUPERTarget so it’s really that much better than any store! It has everything! I, of course, didn’t get anything. I love browsing and shopping, but I rarely buy anything for myself. I tried some clothes on and even a bathing suit, but nothing this trip!

When I got home, I had the rest of the apple crisp with vanilla yogurt… so good! I picked up some sweet potato fries at the Co-Op and we had some tonight along with some baked BBQ tofu (for me!), broiled tomatoes, mixed veggies. I never bake my tofu- it’s usually cooked in a pan on the stove, but I was glad I made the effort to do something different. Dinner did not disappoint!

For dessert, I had some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. I usually don’t buy their brand because it’s expensive, but guess what was on sale?! YUP! I got “Imagine Whirrled Peace” and it had little chocolate peace-signs in it! SO CUTE! I’m all about the peace!

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Ah, summertime!

It sure is summertime in FL! School is out in this county, but since I don’t go to grade-school, it almost feels like I’m always on break! Yeah… still looking for that job and waiting for fall semester for college! Kelsey (my oldest sister, who lives in NJ now, but comes home frequently!) and I went to the beach– it was a scorcher! I went in the gulf for the 1st time this year, actually and it felt fabulous! I saw some dolphins, too, which is still cool everytime I see it! Also, summer in FL means clouds and/or rain EVERY afternoon and, without fail, the clouds rolled in and we left after only over an hour lounging at the beach. I still got some sun, even with my SPF! No cancer for me! 😎

When I got home, I was feeling like making a GOOD sandwich! I love-love-love tempeh and have had a tempeh-Reuben and tempeh-chicken salad before, but we had no sauerkraut and I didn’t feel totally adventurous, so I made this:
Toasted honey-wheat bread, sundried-tomato hummus, lettuce, tomato and bell peppers with pan-fried soy-marinated tempeh. A mish-mash of flavors, but very good! It was a little dry with the toasted bread, so I had some extra hummus to lather each bite in! Delish! Of course, I had some orange popbecause, well, I love it and I’m thirsty. It’s like FL’s new OJ… OP? OS? OK! I don’t even say “POP!” That is such a northern thing… it’s “Coke!” No matter what flavor…
a: “You want a coke?”
b: “Sure.”
a: “What kind?”
b: “You have orange?!”
a: “PSH, YEAH!”
…but you can’t expect to have a blog called, “Orange Coke!” How does that sound?!
Have I said that I LOVE summer and I LOVE tempeh?! It was very good and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on some sauerkraut… however gross that may be, this girl likes that combo!
I am a vegetarian and have been for over 2 years, I think… I am the only one in my family that chooses to live this way permanently, but the rest of them are learning how to make substitutes for me. I also cook once, twice, or more each week and it’s usually a meat-free dish, though sometimes I have someone prepare, say, the poor little chicken, while I do the rest.
Tonight I made dinner. I have loved some of Rising Moon’s products, and I found some ravioli on sale, so I got 2 packages (each package SAYS it feeds 2, and there were 3 of us). That’s something I love to… a good sale! No matter what it is, I’ll take a double-look if it’s on sale! Well, good thing I did with these babies! I mixed the ravioli with some lightly sauteed zucchini, yellow squash, green beans and cherry tomatoes and tossed it with olive oil and this parmesan Italian blend seasoning. That, and a salad (with raspberry walnut vinaigerette) and dinner was made! Oh, my mom made apple crisp for dessert!
Gosh, I had some gooooood eats today 🙂

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